Cleaning and Preservations


Wedding Gown Preservation Co. has been preserving gowns since 1913

Your precious wedding gown will be cleaned and preserved by a top rated, family owned business with over 3,000,000 satisfied brides and over 100 years of rich history in the bridal industry. As an Elite dealer for the Wedding Gown Preservation Company, we can guide you on your way to transforming your gown into a timeless memory to be shared with future generations.  

No need to purchase a special kit and ship it yourself, Anne's Bridal will be happy to assist you with packaging your gown and personally ship it.  The gown will be returned back to the Bridal store so we can keep track of your gown.

Prepaid gown cleaning and preservation includes up to three items:

  • Gown
  • Veil
  • Money Bag
  • Garter
  • Jacket
  • Ring Pillow
  • Purse
  • Gloves

White gloss finish preservation chest

Deluxe Shipping Container - Prepaid shipping both ways in the United States

100 Years Certificate of Guarantee

Additional Information

 Here are reasons why you should clean and preserve your gown after your wedding:

  1. To prevent irreversible future fabric damage.
  2. To give your children the opportunity to honor you by wearing your beautiful gown again in their own wedding.
  3. A professional cleaning will increase the value of your gown if you ever decide upon selling it.
  4. To create a “living memory” of your wedding day that you can share with future generations.
  5. To ensure there are no invisible stains on your gown that could cause future damage.
  6. To give your gown a safe place to be stored without risking yellowing fabric or stretching.